Contest of Students’ Project Ideas «Exploring the Arctic — 2017»

Project news

The contest is held under the auspices of the Russian Federation Security Council and aims at consolidation of intelligent and creative young people who are actively interested in modern technologies of exploring the Arctic.

Focus areas of the projects:

  • Life safety in the Arctic;
  • Equipment and technologies for the Arctic;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Preservation of historiсal and cultural heritage of the Arctic.

About the contest

Organizational and methodological support and overall coordination of the Contest is provided by NArFU.

The contest is held in two stages:

  • I stage - projects are submitted to the contest commission for the election of the best works (three in each category);
  • II stage - project defence / election of winners in each nomination.

We invite to participate bachelor’s, specialist’s and master’s degree students as well as secondary vocational education students from Russia and abroad.


The winners will be awarded with Diplomas and money gifts.



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